Are you prepared to change your life?

There is no greater honor than becoming one of my owned. Under my ownership, I will shape you into the perfect submissive. I will pinpoint the areas of your life that need improvement with my light and guide them towards a bright future.

Being involved in a Dominant/submissive dynamic with me requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance, for both parties involved. Because of the heavy emotional and mental labor exerted, I require my time be compensated and my non-negotiable protocols be followed.

I will not accept anything less than your best efforts. This is the chance to really impress me and take our relationship above and beyond. Should you mess up, you will be dismissed from my service immediately and our relationship will be terminated.

Are you ready to join Goddess Sierra Fox’s pack?


  • Must send a $25 Amazon Giftcard every week

  • Must book one (1) Real Time or Online session a month*

  • Must subscribe to my OnlyFans

  • Must undergo a 6 month trial period “under consideration”

*Please note: (Online subs considered on a case by case basis)

Name *
Brownie points if you tell me your time and place of birth.
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, FetLife, Messaging App, Clip Site, etc.
Where did you find me? *
What kinks/fetishes would you like to explore together?
Provide as detailed a list as possible for your hard & soft limits (what you'll try, what you absolutely will not try).
Punishment: Taking away real privileges. Funishment: Getting a spanking for being naughty.
Mental, Physical, Emotional? If yes, please list them.
Would you allow me take photos during our session to be used for promotional purposes? *
Building my empire requires constant promotional material. Would you like to help me build my empire?
What is your relationship status? *
What do you do for a living?
(ex. rent, utilities, food, transportation, fun money, etc.)
Yes/No. If yes, for how long and explain why your service ended.
Are you willing to make sacrifices in your life for me? *
Applicants must be financially willing and able to financially compensate the emotional, physical, and mental work that goes into a professional D/s dynamic. Do you agree to this?
Be creative.
List positive and negative attributes, qualities, and skills that could be useful to me (tech savvy, building things, etc.) Think outside the box.
Career, Stability, Finances, Happiness, Weight, Etc.
Can be for anything regarding your kink life, professional life, personal life, etc.
Comments, questions or concerns.
Acknowledgement *
By agreeing to this, you are acknowledging that you are over 21 years of age and have read my website to its entirety, having done ample research on my interests and protocol. You are agreeing to reject your ego and service me in whatever way I deem necessary. You agree to serve me humbly and without selfishness.