You want your deepest, darkest fantasies to become a reality. I want to make them come true. Each session is specifically tailored to our exact interests in a warm and welcoming environment. Please take the following into consideration before booking:

  • Rate: $300/hour

  • Minimum 48 Hour Advanced Notice, Weekends Only

  • $100 Deposit, Hotel Outcall Only

  • Screening & Introductory Meeting, Required for All New Clients

Please note: Your inquiry will be answered as soon as possible, but may not receive a response same day

Our Compatibility

Sometimes, no matter how badly you want to try and make a dynamic work, it doesn’t. Before we both go too far down the fox hole, let’s discuss a few things:


Spanking, Flogging, Electro Play, Sensual Domination, CBT, Ball-Busting, Face Slapping, Hair Pulling, Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, Chastity, Foot Worship, Knife Play, Pet Play, K9 Training, Age Play, Slave Training, Domestic Servitude, Sissification, Thigh Scissoring/Face Sitting, Breath Play, Financial Domination, Smoking Fetish, JOI, Mind Fucking, Humiliation, Erotic Hypnosis Fantasy, Blackmail Fantasy, Teamviewer Lockdown, Mobile Tech Domination, Coerced Intox, Perversion Therapy, Kink Education, Role Playing, BBW Fetish, Teacher Fetish, Boss Fetish


Scat Play, Needles, Non-Consent, Pedophilia, Racial Humiliation, Religious Humiliation, Intimate Body Worship, Prostitution, Switching

Deposits & Cancellations

All new session applicants are required to submit a one time deposit before the date of their session. Our appointments need to be confirmed by 9pm EST the day before date scheduled. I require all meetings to be made at least 48 hours in advance. Should you miss our meeting without proper notification, any payments made are non-refundable.

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Preferred Date
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Please list all personal soft and hard limits during session.
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